Great Celebrant

A ‘good’ celebrant versus a ‘great’ celebrant

Whether it’s a mixed or same sex wedding or another special ceremony you need a reliable and experienced celebrant to help steer you through your special day, but what’s the difference between a ‘good’ celebrant and a ‘great’ celebrant?

The role of a celebrant is much more than legalising or formalising a ceremony. A good celebrant will ensure that each ceremony is special for the happy couple, however, a great celebrant will ensure that it is a memorable event for all the guests as well. When looking for a celebrant keep in mind that a great celebrant will be able to tell your story, involve your key guests and make it a moving experience for your entire wedding party

Telling your story

Your wedding ceremony should be crafted to reflect the journey the two of you have travelled – your love story. Many of your nearest and dearest will know how long you have been together and if there have been any major ups and downs, but they may not know about the special combination of qualities which have brought you together and kept you there through the realities and challenges of a relationship.

These qualities will be unique to you and they describe the foundations of your partnership which you will continue to rely on for a successful future. A great celebrant will be able to craft a speech which shines an insightful light on your relationship qualities and journey using the perfect blend of dignity and humour.

Involving your guests

Whilst your wedding ceremony is primarily about you it is also a wonderful opportunity to recognise those significant others in your lives. That might mean honouring your parents, guardians, family and whanau for the upbringing and support they provided, or maybe acknowledging those who are unable to be part of the special day. In addition, the ceremony should include and recognise the importance of the wedding guests, how they represent the network of support and influence which surrounds the couple, and how meaning is added to the ceremony through the presence of the invited guests.

A great celebrant will listen to a couple to find out about the special people in their lives, and will reflect their contribution to the couple’s journey within the ceremony.

Make it moving

It’s unusual to find a couple who did not find their own wedding emotional, but it’s hard to connect with all the guests as well. Most of your guests will have been to a wedding before so how can you make yours stand out from the others and make it genuinely memorable? People respond to honest observations and the truth inherent in how relationships are formed and sustained. Every guest has relationships and is aware of the pleasure they bring and how precious they are.

Finding that one person you want to spend the rest of your life with is acknowledged as one of the most significant life events. A great celebrant will ask others to reflect on their own partnerships, will draw on our basic human desire for companionship, and will celebrate the joy we all feel when we enter into the ultimate commitment.

Finally ….

A great celebrant understands the power and meaning of words. They use them sparingly and accurately to move a couple and their guests from an expectant atmosphere through to a joyful celebration, with tears and chuckles along the way. A great celebrant understands the couple and picks up cues from the room to make the journey safe, smooth and enjoyable for all. Ultimately a great celebrant simply understands people and the universal delight of being in love.

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