Registry Weddings


Registry Weddings now available in an intimate venue

You may be married with a registry wedding, and as a registered registry celebrant I can offer you a legal ceremony to a set script. A no frills ceremony though you may say personal promises, and exchange rings.

Application needs to be made to the Department of Internal Affairs, births, deaths and marriages. You can book your wedding online –

The licence is valid for three months and can take up to one week to be processed. This may be emailed to me, and I will print it for you.

The fee for this ceremony is $90.00, set by government.

You may have the venue of your choice or be married at my home, which is available Monday to Friday (no weekends).

To check availability and to book your registry wedding, email me or phone 0272 628 587.

For an intimate wedding, celebrant services and assistance with arrangements – all in the beautiful Auckland, New Zealand contact Sheryl Mungall today!