Wedding Licence Online

Marriage licence online – how to apply

You can apply for a marriage licence online!

The New Zealand Government website now enables couples to apply for their marriage licence online. Not only an easier option, but it also means you are able to start the application process in advance. This is especially useful for those couples coming from overseas.

You need to arrange your licence at least 3 working days before you get married and it expires after 3 months. Allowing time is favorable! Only one of you needs to complete the application, but you need information about both of you.

If you’re being married by a celebrant, you’ll need their name and the location and approximate date of the wedding when you apply.

You are still able to use the paper process if preferred. However, the online application is easy to follow and the website has all relevant information.

To complete the application for a marriage licence online please CLICK HERE


It is important to note that submitting the application is only the first step to obtain your marriage licence. Please read below the process for after the application is filed online, to ensure you have adequate time for processing.

After submitting the online application, either you and/or your partner must go to the local Registrar of Marriages in person to:

  • sign the application in front of the Registrar
  • pay the marriage licence application fee ($150NZD for a celebrant or $240NZD for a registry)

Your licence will not be available to take with you immediately. Allow at least 3 working days for processing and issuing.

For full information on the requirements to obtain a marriage licence please refer to the information on the New Zealand Government website – CLICK HERE