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Welcoming Australian Same Sex Couples to Auckland Weddings

Same sex marriage became legal in New Zealand on August 19, 2013.

We are the first country in Oceania, the fourth in the Southern Hemisphere and the fifteenth in the world to give same-sex couples the right to marry.

Since then, hundreds of gay couples from Australia have opted to travel to our beautiful country to declare their commitment before family and friends.

And why not? There are many reasons to get married in New Zealand. Our top five include:

1: New Zealand is just a hop, skip and a jump away.

This makes it a less expensive choice for travel, especially if family and friends want to share your special day.

2: New Zealand is an easy destination.

We share English as a main language, and understand each other’s cultural backgrounds and ideologies. We share many of the same brands, stores and banks, and whether you call it a thong, a flipflop, or a jandal, we’ll still know what you mean.

3: Yet New Zealand is still foreign enough to be exciting.

Travel through New Zealand on your honeymoon and you’ll be blown away by our beautiful scenery, vibrant indigenous culture, delicious cuisine, boutique wineries, cosmopolitan cities and fabulous outdoor activities. And if you choose to spend most of your time in our largest city, Auckland, you won’t be disappointed! Auckland has everything you need in one fun-filled place.

4: New Zealand is relatively safe.

And we’re not just talking about the decided lack of snakes, crocodiles and scorpions. The Global Peace Index lists New Zealand as the fourth safest place in the world to be (Australia ranks at fifteen). So you really can just kick back and relax.

5: New Zealand is progressive and liberal.

Many members of our Parliament are part of the LGBT community and last year, Lonely Planet’s ‘Guide to Pride’ listed Auckland in their top twenty gay-friendly cities to visit.

If you decide to get married in New Zealand, please do send me an email to discuss your options. I have had twenty+ years experience as a marriage celebrant and have been honoured to be selected to conduct many same-sex marriage ceremonies. I really do understand the special challenges and issues you may face. I can advise you on all the legalities required for marrying in New Zealand and can help with the wedding preparations.

If you don’t have a special venue in mind, you are welcome to hold your wedding and reception at my home. Choose the deck with panoramic sea views, or the Balinese style courtyard. And of course, I am available to travel to any other venue you choose.

Finding someone special for a lifetime commitment is no easy task. But I can help you make the next step into marriage that much easier. I want to help make this a wonderful experience for you, one you will remember for the rest of your lives together.